B the travel brand Xperience was created with the intention of becoming a benchmark for the cultural side of travel. Its spaces were designed to encourage get-togethers of the traveller community and the discovery of new destinations, through a programme of experiences and activities that will inspire future travellers.

The evocative and inspirational power of an image is undeniable. That’s why photographic exhibitions have formed the backbone of all our cultural activities, right from the very start. We have travelled to destinations as disparate as Peru, Malaysia, Senegal, Japan and the Antarctica without even leaving our own spaces. Every exhibition has turned into a real adventure: discovering the viewpoint hidden behind each photograph has without doubt been the most fascinating part of it.

Miguel Ángel García, Tino Soriano, Erea Azurmendi, Roberto Iván Cano, Juan Echeverría, Gonzalo Azumendi, Lee Gap Chul, Morgana Vargas Llosa, Kris Ubach and Nacho Gil are just some of the names that have been seen in our galleries, helping the Xperience project to grow with pieces that range from travel photography to documentaries. 

In 2018 as many as 12,000 people passed through our outlets in Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona. The new addition of Lisbon, whose gallery will be part of the exhibition circuit for this event, signifies a step forward for the consolidation of the Xperience brand as a leading light in travel culture in the Iberian Peninsula.


The starting point to any destination in the world

Discover inside our space in Madrid.

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Discover the "experience designers"

Discover inside our space in Barcelona.

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A team with a traveling vocation

Discover inside our space in Palma.

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A new space to discover

Discover inside our space in Lisbon.

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