The photographer Elena Sol wins the first edition of The Journey competition with the Myrias project

The Myrias project by the photographer from Tenerife Elena Sol was chosen as the winner from among 60 proposals submitted to the first edition of The Journey, themphotographic competition of B the travel brand Xperience.

The photographer will design an inspiring exhibition project which will be presented in Barcelona starting in April and which will travel around various cities of Spain and Portugal.

The contest received advice from the Foto Colectania Foundation -a benchmark photography institution- and its jury included several personalities from the world of photography, such as the photographer David Jiménez and the curator Carmen Dalmau.


Myrias is an exhibition project carried out by the photographer from Tenerife Elena Sol between 2015 and 2019 and made up of 44 photographs which explore the points of contact between nature and civilization. Myrias, which refers to the Greek word myriad meaning "incalculable amount" or "that which we cannot cover", takes us on an archaeological journey on which the places of the present, common to nature and human beings, connect with the full magnitude of time. The project will be exhibited in April 2020 in the gallery of B the travel brand Xperience in Barcelona and will then tour Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Lisbon.

Through her vision, the photographer has established a photographic journey which consists of three phases: an initial phase of exploration, a second phase of representation and a third of revelation which transports us to a dream world in which anything could happen. 

Myrias was selected for the VOIES OFF AWARDS 2017, won second prize in the PHOTOALICANTE 2019 viewings and was partly exhibited at the 2019 PA-TU-TU Festival. The jury was formed by the contemporary art teacher and critic Carmen Dalmau, the photographer David Jiménez, the director of Foto Colectania Pepe Font de Mora, the artistic director of the Foto Colectania Foundation Irene de Mendoza and the experiences director of B the travel brand Xperience Mariano Gijón.

They all selected the Myrias project from among 60 proposals due to the "coherence and maturity of the project, the open and poetic interpretation of the competition‘s theme and its closeness to the cultural and anthropological roots which invite us to make a journey through time". They also highlighted the "sound exhibition proposal and its adaptation to space".